*HVC Intentional Chocolate

*HVC Intentional Chocolate
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Utilizing revolutionary mind-matter technology developed by the HESA Institute as directed by Dean Radin, Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate can now offer, in limited quantities, a chocolate clinically proven to raise the coherency of the Human Energy System.

We started with Hawaiian Vintage’s Fine 68% Dark Chocolate, embedded it using HESA technology with the intention that an individual who consumes this chocolate will manifest optimal health and functioning at physical, emotional and mental levels, and in particular will enjoy an increased sense (coherence) of energy, vigor and well-being.

What we discovered in a human trail of 80 volunteers was the chocolate when consumed twice daily in 1/2oz quantities for three days produced exactly the results anticipated by the intention. The proven benefits are listed below:

Benefits from a Coherent HVC Chocolate

Lowered stress
More energy
Less fatigue
Improved General Well being
Improved Coherence.

Further details on the study and it results will be published in March and April watch this website for further details.

Pricing and Description: HVC Intentional Chocolate – Limited Offering

68% Dark Chocolate embedded with an intention for overall well being comes in 1/2LB gold foil bags. List price: $25. Limit two per order. Due to time requirements of the technology involved expect delivery in two to three weeks.

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